Restaurant Branding
Günter Seeger’s achievements in the culinary arts have garnered outstanding praise throughout Europe and the USA – from the Michelin Star, Mobil Five Stars, AAA 5 Diamonds, Relais Chateau, Tradition et Qualitie James Beard Award, to Esquire magazine’s title Best New Restaurant. Seeger was cited among the 50 most important people of the last fifty years in Atlanta’s history; he was one of the driving forces behind the Georgia Organic Farmers, and is well-known among peers as an early pioneer and major contributor to contemporary American food culture.

His upcoming restaurant, Günter Seeger NY (opening Spring 2016) will be the culmination of Seeger’s experience in the culinary field where meticulous care is paid to the selection of produce, drawn as these are from the very best America has to offer. This care is reflected in Seeger’s profound reverence and admiration for the land and for the farmers who deliver their harvests to his restaurant. Seeger’s distinguishing signature pivots on integrity, commitment, and attention to detail. A dining experience at Günter Seeger NY thrives on the range of serving only the freshest, in season produce as well as providing a high level of professional and knowledgable staff.



My challenge was to develop a mark that represents a world-class chef and his restaurant that is timeless, distinct and stands out. In Germany, a stag or male deer is an iconic symbol which emphasizes the country and tradition. This type of animal and integrating the shape of a coat of arms, were the perfect way to reflect my father's heritage. The sleek lines, color and elegant typography were inspired by his modern, minimalistic and light cuisine.







Logo process


Günter Seeger NY Reel
This video was produced to bring awarness of Günter Seeger's philosophy and take on his upcoming restaurant. Video produced and directed by David Winkfield. www.davidwinkfield.com